Current Projects

SANGJA (The Box)

SANGJA takes the audience on a remarkable journey from Korea to Canada, and all of the imaginative places in-between. We follow a boy as he strives to find his unique place in the world and come to terms with the incredible loss of his birth family, language and culture, while navigating the tension that occurs when families (and people) don’t fit within our cultural expectations. Learn more about SANGJA...


ARVAARLUK: An Inuit Tale

ARVAARLUK: An Inuit Tale is a new theatre-for-young-audiences play. Theatre artists from Pangaea Arts collaborate with Inuit author and storyteller Michael Kusugak. The show will feature live storytelling, breathtaking puppetry, masks, throat-singing and video projections. Learn more about ARVAARLUK: An Inuit Tale.



STORIES on WHEELS is a street theatre storytelling act inspired by the traditional Japanese travelling show called Kamishibai (literally paper theatre). The tales are told by a comic narrotor, using beautifully illustrated picture cards displayed in a magnificent miniature wooden stage attached to the back of a vintage bicycle. Learn more about STORIES on WHEELS .


The Trollsons in THE STORYTELLER

Come deep into the forest as a family of trolls bring Scandinavian folklore to life. It's Grandpa Trollson's 200th birthday party, but he refuses to come out of his tree stump to celebrate! When audience participants join the action onstage, Grandpa cannot resist the power of storytelling. Join us for three truly interactive tales based on stories by Hans Christian Andersen, featuring live music, incredible masks, physical comedy, improvisation, and good old-fashioned troll trouble! Learn more about "The Trollsons in THE STORYTELLER"...